Thursday, September 23, 2004


This journal entry was going to be titled the perfect nail polish, but that was before I lost not one, but TWO blog entries. I was sitting here tonight working on my entry and I wanted to make it a good one since I hadn't written last night and what happens? I lose it. Twice. Grrr!

Anyway. Last night was highly busy. We stopped at Albertson's on the way home last night to "pick up a few things", which of course turned into major grocery shopping, and I found THE perfect nail polish. It is Sally Hansen's Sheer Summer Blossom, and it is perfect. It is a matte baby pink that goes on sheer enough to where you can see the white of my nails. It almost resembles a French manicure. It's very nice, and much easier than using those little sticker guides, that's for sure! It's pretty, delicate, and natural looking. Quite a nice change. Anyway, after I got home, put away the food, ate, and made my nails pretty, it was time to hit the sack.

And today? Definitely not as productive as I had hoped, although it was a great day working with C. She watched me write my fire estimate, and I think she learned a lot. I do think she was intimidated just a bit by the complexity of the estimate, but it's okay...I was too when I learned how to do this last summer.

Tomorrow I hope to have a busy day, get a lot done, and it's Sushi Friday, which means a yummy lunch! Can't wait.

I posted this on the Sunday Brunch site, but guess what? Stacey was ever-so-kind as to make a blinkie for me for Sunday Brunch! Here it is...please right-click, save to your hard drive, and post it on your blog with a link to Sunday Brunch! Thanks!

Three memes, and that's it! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday Matinee!

1. What's your favorite science fiction movie? The Empire Strikes Back
2. Star Trek vs Star Wars: who wins? Star Wars
3. Who's your favorite sci-fi actor? William Shatner
~Robots Will Rule The Earth Bonus~ Who's your favorite robot (android, cyborg, etc)? Robin Williams' character in Bicentennial Man

Theater Thursday!

1. Do you remember the very first time you watched a movie on the big screen? Describe it. I don't remember it, but it was E.T.
2. What was the last movie you saw on the big screen? Taking Lives
3. Did you ever like a movie so much that you paid to watch it more than once? If so, what movie? I saw Titanic three times in the theater and now I own it on VHS and DVD.
BONUS) How much does a movie ticket cost in your neck of the woods? $7.50 I's been a while.

Thursday Tattle!

What do you drink first thing in the morning? English Breakfast tea with skim milk and Splenda
What do you drink mostly throughout the day? Diet Coke with lime, water, and iced tea
Do you like cold coffee drinks? I haven't had one in a while, but I love mocha frappucinos from Starbucks.
Do you like coffee? Yes, but I don't like the aftertaste so I save it for special occasions when I'm out to dinner and having dessert. It goes great with creme brulee.
Do you like the taste of alcohol? What taste? It doesn't taste like anything! I do like the taste of flavored liquor though, like Bailey's.
What do you drink when you have a drink with liquor in it? My favorite drinks are in this order: margarita on the rocks, strawberry margarita, pina colada, Fuzzy Navel, appletini, chocolate martini, Sex on the Beach and pineapple Malibu. I like frou-frou drinks! I also really like Riesling wines.

Sorry it's short, but I'm tired of typing!


Blogger Trish said...

LOL!! Looks like Blogger "found" your two posts!!! It's done this to me before too!



4:51 AM  
Blogger misty said...

Great answers, thanks so much for playing Theater Thursday. =)

5:59 AM  

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