Saturday, October 09, 2004

The difference between 200 thread count sheets and 300 thread count sheets

Someone needs to explain that to my husband, as I obviously was not very successful. We went to Target after dinner tonight in search of bedding. I suggested that instead of buying yet another bed in a bag, since we have five perfectly intact comforters, that we just shell out the same bucks we would spend on a bed in a bag and buy a decent sheet set. The one I wanted was 300 thread count, which I know from sleeping on that before is heavenly. Hotel sheets are a high thread count. It also costs. P's response is that I am just "snooty". He actually pushed his nose up with one finger while we were discussing this. I compromised and got 250 thread count sheets, and assured him that he will know where that extra money went tonight when he gets in bed, but he doesn't believe me. Men!

We had an awful experience tonight at Bennigan's. I don't have the energy to write the whole thing down right now, but I DO plan on writing an extensive letter of complaint to their corporate office, and when I do, I'll post a copy in my blog so you can see what happened. Let it just suffice to say that I actually told the manager when he came to our table, and I quote, "You suck." P said if he hadn't been so supremely pissed off, he would have died laughing. But that's how bad the experience was. Worse than the Elephant Bar by far! Considering that I used to be a server in college for a few years, I have an incredible tolerance for screwups in restaurants, so for me to get that angry, you know it had to be bad. AND we walked out without tipping to boot. It was awful. I don't know we are so lucky as to get the sorriest server in the restaurant every time we go. We are just star-crossed diners, I guess.

Thanks to Laura, I went to Barnes and Noble tonight after dinner in search of yet more baby books, and I think that I bought the two books that are going to pretty much take care of my research needs for now...Taking Charge Of Your Fertility (thanks bunches, Laura, for the suggestion!) and What To Expect When You're Expecting, which has been suggested to me a few times already. And these are no slouchy paperbacks...they are both the size and thickness of textbooks! I think those should definitely last me 9 months plus however long it takes me to get pregnant. And I've still got the other books sitting on my nightstand. P was completely enthralled with Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs. I read it and thought it was hysterical, but what I thought was great was that he was reading all about the gross parts of pregnancy and childbirth and wasn't horrified at all. Obviously I'm going to read the fertility book first and then move on to the expecting book, but it should make for interesting reading.

Saturday Special...

Favorite Cake? My grandmother's German chocolate cake
Favorite Cookie? oatmeal chocolate chip
Favorite Pie? coconut cream pie
Favorite Candy? Almond Joy (but I'm growing increasingly fond of York peppermint patties!)

Favorite Diet Plan To Stay Away From The Above? Body For Life

Are you getting the idea that I'm maybe a coconut fan?

Okay, I'm off to stitch, work on my laundry (we have 25 piles sorted in the bedroom, no exaggeration) and watch tv! Good night everyone!


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I COMPLETELY understand about the sheets! I feel lower count sheets are "scratchy" and I think J thinks I'm making it up. Of course we have never had decent sheets to compare to . . . and here in Michigan it's about time to break out the flannel.


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