Friday, October 08, 2004


So, Babygate is still underway...and people all around me are having babies or getting knocked up. My friend C at work is naming her kid Zachary. My sister-in-law M just announced that she is preggers. Erin just had her son. My best friend from home, S, is thinking about adopting a baby from China. It's all around me. And that's cool!! It keeps me excited and looking forward to the future.

I wouldn't say that I am going crazy with the baby talk or anything at all. I'm not obsessing about it and I'm not dwelling on it. I am completely curious as to when I should take a pregnancy test though. I know a lot of women say that they just "know" when they are pregnant, but frankly, I'm just not that observant about my body. I don't even remember when I got my last period...I remember getting it, but I don't remember what day I started it which apparently is KEY to this whole trying to conceive plan. I felt this really strange pain on my right side the other day that I didn't think much about until I read somewhere that you can feel a pain in your midsection the moment you ovulate. Okay. I guess that makes sense. I wouldn't have thought about it unless I read that though. I'm doing lots of reading though...I've now read Your Fertility Signals, Before You Conceive, and now I'm working on Protecting Your Baby To Be. All interesting reading, and I have a few more to get through before I start hitting the library. I was thinking about getting Pregnancy For Dummies. I love those "for dummies" books...they are very helpful! But one thing I find amazing from reading the Trying to Conceive board is that some of these women, especially the ones that have been trying for a while, have got the cycle charting thing down to a science. I've read in several journals things like this: "well, it's 5dpo (days past ovulation) and I'm not spotting yet but I am cramping and that's a good thing because I don't normally do that but it happened the cycle I conceived, and my temperature has spiked, so I guess if it's still high tomorrow, I'll take a HPT (home pregnancy test)..."

Ay carumba. I'm sure if I have trouble conceiving, my OCD will kick in and I'll obsessively start charting and keeping notes on my cycle (hell, I plan on at least starting to chart my temps next cycle) but I just don't see myself as that observant about my body. Maybe I'll become more so with this next stage of my life. I mean, let's face it...I'll be sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I'll realize that I feel like a knife is twisting in my stomach, but yet it takes me a few minutes to remember that I have my period and that's why I'm hurting. Like I said, just not that observant! (For the males reading this journal, SORRY...I know it's probably too much information, but come on, you gotta know how us women suffer to have your children!!!)

Anyway. I looked back through my calendar and I'm fairly sure based on my recollection of where I was when my cramps were bothering me the most that I started my last period on the 13th...which means that if I'm running 28 days right now, I should get my period next week, and if I don't, then I guess I'll get a test. But then again, if that pain was an ovulation pain, then maybe not. Hell, I don't know! I'm flying by the seat of my pants right now! I'm sure if I had tried to get pregnant say, ten years ago, this would have been a snap.

This weekend is going to be a cleaning weekend. My husband, the wonderful man that he is, is sacrificing a WHOLE bow-hunting weekend to stay home and clean out the garage so we can start moving the workout equipment in there and start making plans to paint the house. Ultimately, I'd like to get the rest of the house painted before we have a child, which, utility room, workout room/nursery, hall bathroom, hall, and...oh yeah, our dining room/living room. It's not going to be's a lot of wall space. I'd also like to go ahead and paint our cabinets so at least they look fresh and clean...and get them cleaned really well, new handles, new contact paper on the shelves, you get the idea. Lots to do, lots to do, and the key to getting it all started is to clean out the pit of despair also known as our garage.


Theater Thursday!

1) What's your favorite football movie? Remember the Titans
2) Do you think films accurately portray football players? Sure,why not?
3) What football movie was so bad, so far fetched, so poorly acted, or so over dramatized that it was painful to watch? Radio
BONUS) If you were making a football film, what actor would you want to portray your star quarterback? The coach? Brad Pitt for QB (because I like to see him in any movie) and Robert Redford (same reason) for coach. I'm so shallow.

Friday Feast!

Appetizer What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? Cleaning like a whirling dervish, grocery shopping and stitching. I also need to pick up a new ink cartridge for my fax machine.
Soup Who was the last person you talked to on the telephone? My husband...he called me on the way home from work.
Salad Name a hobby that you've tried but eventually gave up for some reason. I tried figure competition, but as many close to me know, gave it up when it started to threaten my sanity.
Main Course What is the most important personality quality in a mate? Sincerity.
Dessert Why is the sky blue (be creative with your answer)? Because it reflects the oceans of the world!

All righty then. I'm off to stitch quietly and enjoy what's left of my evening. This week was a busy one, and I'm SO glad it has come to an end.


Blogger Laura said...

Have you read "Taking Charge of your Fertility" yet? That's the definitive book on cycle charting and it explains all about how to get pregnant too :)

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