Sunday, October 03, 2004

Happy Sunday!

Good morning to all and happy Sunday! I am so glad that it is Sunday and I have a low-key day ahead. It just seems like sometimes that there are not enough hours in the day. But today, I can relax a bit...I'm feeling a tad tired and worn out...and then I'm going to my friend S' house when she calls to help her prepare for this test that involves our estimating program. I of course know it like the back of my hand, so she asked me to help her get ready. She has to prove that she knows it well so she can become a supervisor. I know she's going to do great.

Not much news on the baby front...other than I saw my head doctor yesterday and she thinks that I'm all better and is THRILLED for me and our decision to start a family. And in parting, she told me to please call her immediately for a visit if I start feeling any obsessive negative thoughts when I start gaining weight, which I promised to do. I also had my prepregnancy blood screen done yesterday...they took about six vials of blood to check vaccinations, check for toxoplasma (the parasite you can get from cat poop and cleaning out litter boxes) and just all the other stuff that they check for, which I don't know about. I'm sure they'll do a pregnancy test too, and that's exciting, even though I know it's way too soon to think that I could be already pregnant. It's worrisome too...I went last night on our company dashboard and found out that they don't offer short-term disability and that all the time I take off from work is going to be unpaid. I knew this of course, but it was still kind of a shock to see it in black and white. P has told me repeatedly NOT TO WORRY about it and that everything is going to be fine, but it's just amazing the things I'm already starting to worry about. I did find a new bulletin board yesterday with ladies on it that are trying to conceive, called Trying to Conceive, which I think will be good...I don't want to drive my friends crazy or talk about nonstop baby stuff in my blog!

Meme time and then I need to catch up on everyone's blogs! I haven't had time to read them all week!

Saturday Special!

1. Favorite Thirst Quencher Iced tea with lemon.
2. Favorite Cocktail Margarita on the rocks in a salt-rimmed glass. (Man, I'm going to MISS those!)
3. Favorite Wine Any brand of Riesling chardonnay.
4. Favorite Soft Drink Diet Coke with lime

5. Favorite Hot Drink Hot chocolate with whipped cream...definitely a treat!

Weekend Wonderings!

1. How many meals do you eat a day? Usually four to five.
2. How important is breakfast to you? Extremely! I can't leave the house or get my day started until I've had it.
3. Do you pay attention to serving sizes or just eat what you want? I pay very close attention to serving sizes.

My very own Sunday Brunch!

1) Have you ever ridden a horse? Yes, many times. When I was a teenager, my parents sent me to Girl Scout horse camp. It was awesome.
2) What is your favorite horse story or movie? The Horse Whisperer
3) If you had the means, would you own a horse? In a heartbeat! I always thought it would be amazing to raise horses.
4) Do you think it would be neat if we went back to everyone traveling by horse and buggy or just an inconvenience? An inconvenience. People have just gotten too used to getting there fast with cars.
5) Have you ever ridden in a hansom cab? Nope. I always wanted to though.

The Weekly Bit! (Love these questions!)

1. What is your favorite thing about fall? Is it the weather? Halloween? It is definitely the weather. I love it how it just starts cooling off ever so slightly and then by the time winter comes, there's a chill in the air. It's great!
2. Do you have any pets? I have five...two Labs and three cats.
3. What is your favorite comfort food? Chicken soup, chocolate cake...etc... Oh, I can turn any food I like into comfort food, but I'd say a steak dinner definitely rules the list.
4. Do you work? Full time? Part time? Do you like what you do or are you looking for something else? Full-time and I LOVE what I do!
5. What is your favorite hobby? Counted cross-stitch.
6. Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite book? My favorite author is James favorite book is Gone With The Wind.
7. Recommend a good movie. Since I referred to it in Sunday Brunch, The Horse Whisperer is an excellent movie if you like horses. It's just wonderful! It doesn't hurt that Robert Redford is in it either.
8. Do you consider yourself a wild child or are you calm and collected? A wild child!
9. What is your greatest accomplishment? When I have my first child, that will be my greatest accomplishment, but for now, being the highest ranked most proficient adjuster in my office before I even turn 30 years old is definitely my greatest accomplishment.
10. Finish this sentence...I have never _______________________. Sky-dived...and I always wanted to!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!


Blogger Fiona said...

Erica, I, for one will be delighted to read every word you choose to write about your baby. You couldn't possibly bore me. Good news is always welecome. I'm kind of new at Blogs, but I think they should be a place where you can say what you are really thinking and feelng.


10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad things are a GO with you journey to conception. Good luck and have lots of fun! ONe tip, figure out how much you would need for a few months of unpaid leave and start saving now for it. We did and it made a huge difference. Can't wait to read good news in your blog!!
- Kari

12:03 PM  
Blogger Mia said...

Erica, I can't wait to hear of your adventures into motherhood. I love children and it doesn't matter whether they are mine or not. I never tire of hearing of it. Good luck with everything and remember don't sweat the small stuff.

Thank you too for your kind words in my blog. I am feeling much, much better now.

6:36 AM  
Blogger naida said...

Hi Erica, thanks for playing the weekly bit :) Great answers hun. One of my fav books is Gone With the Wind too. You run the Sunday Brunch? I'll definitely have to play it on Sundays then :) have a good week

4:57 PM  

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