Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Back to the grind...

My first day back at work pretty much started out with a bang. I went right out to a fire with C, and today I have a fire of my own which she is coming with me on. Both fires have public adjusters on it, which is the equivalent of an ambulance-chasing attorney on a bodily injury case. It's not a fun thing, but fortunately I've worked with both adjusters before and know them, I guess. But I came home yesterday absolutely filthy dirty. I looked like a chimney sweep.

It's freezing here in Dallas this week. I can't believe how rapidly the temperatures here have dropped. It went from shorts and t-shirts on Saturday to sweaters and jeans within a matter of hours! Today I'm going to wear a sweater and a jacket to the fire; it's that cold!

I don't have a whole lot to report other than the morning sickness yesterday was the worst it's been yet, and today's not looking too good either. It's a good thing that C and I are working together...we can be miserable together, although she's definitely much more miserable than I. She broke out in hives this weekend, so on top of being nauseous, she's itchy too. This morning, I have to leave for my fire in about forty minutes, and the thought of food just makes me sick. I am going to try to get some yogurt down so I have something in my tummy, and I'm drinking tea right now, but this is just terrible.

Not much else to report at the moment. That's about the most fun going on right now. I got to stitch last night, which was a good thing, but I didn't go to the gym. I walked that house yesterday for I will do today with this house...and I don't really see the need to go to the gym and walk some more!

Tuesday Twosome:

1. When did you register to vote and what compelled you to do so? I registered to vote when I moved to Texas. I turned eighteen after the Bush Sr./Clinton election and didn't see the need to register until the next one in 1996.
2. Did you vote early (if your state offers this) or are you voting on election day? I voted early Friday night.
3. Do you truly believe your vote counts or are you not convinced that "every vote counts"? I believe that it is every citizen's duty to vote, and it's the only way that one has a right to complain, but this year, I don't feel like it mattered who I voted for as Bush swept Texas.
4. Did you make up your mind about what candidate to vote for a while back or within the last two weeks? Pretty much a while back, but the last two weeks just sealed the deal.
5. Compared to your parents' views, are you voting the same as or different from them? The same.

TV Tuesday...

1. Do you watch reality shows? Which ones? Survivor, The Biggest Loser and occasionally I'll watch Fear Factor if it's on.
2. What's your favorite all time reality show? Survivor all the way. I've watched all nine seasons!
3. Do you feel "reality" shows are real or are they faked? A little bit of both, but real for the most part.
~Bonus~ If your life was a reality show what would it be called? What would be the story line that kept people coming back? If my life was a reality show, it'd be cancelled. My life is entirely too boring!
~Bonus 2~ If you could create a reality show of your choosing what would it be about? I had always said a reality show about losing weight would be interesting...and they created it already!

That's all for today. I'm going to hit the showers and get ready to start my long day of getting dirty yet again.

Yogurt still doesn't sound appealing. Blah.


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