Friday, October 29, 2004

The Grim Reaper lives here

More moaning and whining about how sick I feel, so if you're sick of reading about it yet, just change channels. UGH UGH UGH. I look equally as bad today as I did yesterday, and my hair is like a rat's nest. My tummy is churning up a storm. I guess next time I'm at the store I'll need to pick up some extra-moisturizing shampoo!

The Weigh it is!

What do you take to work for lunch? Usually I take turkey meatloaf and an apple when I am out in the field for lunch. More oftentimes than not, though, I will find myself stopping for a chicken sandwich at Chick Filet or a chicken wrap at Subway.
Do you eat big, or little lunches? Why? Little...smaller, more frequent meals are better for your blood sugar levels, and I don't like feeling like I need a nap after lunch!
What do you do for your whole lunch hour, to stop you from snacking or eating from boredom? Well, I usually don't take an entire lunch hour. I usually just stop long enough to eat and then get right back to work. When I DO take an entire lunch hour, it's usually so I can go out to eat with friends.

And the Friday Forum:

1) Do you believe in ghosts and/or supernatural beings? Why/why not? Have you ever seen a ghost or stayed in a haunted place? Yes, I believe in ghosts. I believe that they come back and walk amongst us as spirits after they are gone. I've never seen one or stayed in a haunted house though.
2) Do you prefer horror movies that are psychological thrillers or"slasher" films? Why/why not? What's the scariest movie that you've ever seen? I prefer psychological thrillers, just because they are more interesting and honestly, more believable than slasher movies. The scariest movie I've seen to date is Seven.
3) Have you ever used a Ouija board? What is your opinion of them? Do you believe what they say or just consider it a fun party game? I used a Ouija board with some friends at a party at my house when I was a junior in high school, and it was something else. It was just fun more than anything else. It predicted that I would go to NC State (I went to Carolina) and that one of my friends would go to the prom with the guy that I ended up going with. Just good fun.
4) Have you ever read a scary book that totally freaked you out? What book was it, and why? (Were you reading it by yourself, in the dark?) :) Two books have really creeped me out...Pet Sematary by Stephen King and Phantoms by Dean Kountz. And yes, I was reading them late at night by myself in the dark.
5) Would you ever attend a seance and try to contact someone "from beyond"? Who would you want to talk to? Do you ever feel that someone "from beyond" is trying to reach you, or do you believe in things like that? I believe in that stuff, but I don't think anyone's trying to reach me. I don't know if I would attend a seance or not. If I could talk to someone though, I'd want to talk to my grandmother, Helen, who died when I was thirteen.

That's it for today. I'm off to have lunch and a stitching afternoon with a buddy. I'll write more tomorrow.


Blogger Amy said...

Another thing we have in common! Pet Cemetary was the scariest book I've ever read! I was in high school when I read it. I was in the middle of a good part when my parents went out for the night, leaving me alone. I kept reading, and got seriously freaked out. I spent the rest of the night on the phone for company, with all the lights on! LOL

Hang in there...the sickness will go away. I was sick for the entire first trimester the last time, but felt fabulous as soon as I got to that fourth month! Vitamin B helps.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Erica. It will go away soon. One thing that helped me that may or may not help you was to never have an empty stomach. I kept crackers and rice cakes with me all the time. Also, if you are getting heartburn now, at night, try raising the head of your bed with books or blocks. That made a HUGE difference in my heartburn which I had my entire pregnancy.

9:59 AM  

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