Saturday, September 17, 2005

A new picture finally of Noah's Submarine

Were you wondering when I was ever going to update that picture of Noah's Sub? It's updated now! I have been working on the same ten hours all summer, but I finally hit the next mark and the jellyfish is done.

I'm not really sure what I am going to do. I think my chances of finishing Noah's Submarine are very slim, but then again, the house IS done and there's not going to be much to do over the next eight weeks but hang out around the house and rest, so I guess I'll press on and see what happens.

I had a meeting with my managers today and they informed me that my replacement, A, is going to start taking the claims when she gets back from school on October 3, and I will just "shadow" her, meaning that I will go with her on the claims, but she'll be the one doing the work, talking, setting stuff up, etcetera, and I'll just be watching to make sure she does everything correctly and helping her measure, inventory, etcetera. It'll still be field work, but compared to what I have been doing, it'll be GREAT. I can't wait. I just need to hang in there for two more weeks.

I wish I had more news to report, but I honestly don't. Things are pretty status quo at the moment. My days consist of work, eating, and falling asleep on the couch before I mosey on into the bedroom and collapse in bed. I'm sleeping pretty well, but it seems like no matter what, I can't get enough sleep. This weekend I have nothing scheduled or planned to do other than laundry and cleaning. P is going to assemble the crib, and that's his big task for the weekend.

We are also going to go look for a new washing machine. Ours is nine years old, and has been making some absolutely horrible noises lately. We're both VERY afraid that the thing is going to break now that we have completely redone our house...Murphy's Law and all we're not going to take a chance. We're just going to go get a new one. We need a new dryer too, but ours still has a few miles left on it.

I'd say that the best news I have from this week is that I think P and I found daycare for McKenna. One of my coworkers that lives in the area gave us a recommendation for a place in the area that his four-year-old son has gone to since he was a newborn, and I called this week and talked to them for a while. We were really impressed. We have a tour scheduled for a week from Monday, but I think we're probably going to go with them and reserve a spot in the 'baby class' for McKenna. (All the kids are 'students', the caregivers 'teachers', the groups 'classes', and the money you pay every week is 'tuition'.) Having that solidified really has put my mind at ease. I also made the decision this week that I'm going to take eight weeks off from work, so having a plan in mind now really makes me feel better.

Off to bed now...I can't believe I'm still awake at this hour! It's only because I took an hour's nap when I got home from work!


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