Sunday, September 04, 2005

Three-day weekends

Three-day weekends are a wonderful thing. I have needed one for SO LONG now. It has seemed like several times over the last two months, I have worked and worked and worked, and gotten to about 4 pm on Sunday afternoon and thought, "If only I had one more day!" Now I do!

We had a very productive day yesterday...P set up our surround sound system, which is a lot trickier than it sounds. It was way easier to take it apart than it is to set it back up again. He also ran wires and things under the carpet so they are out of sight, and that takes time as well. As for me, I spent the day putting all of our things back on the wall, cleaning up the bathrooms, starting laundry, miscellaneous stuff. Last night P put our changing table and our entry table together. So it was a good day.

Today, our priority is furniture shopping. Now that our living room is done, we are constantly reminded of just HOW BAD these couches are. (Just as a reminder, these are the same couches that my dogs tore apart in May when we were on vacation.) They look so horrible. We checked a few furniture stores in the area, and of course they are all having fantastic holiday sales, so in a few hours, we're going to head out and see if we can find anything that we like. We are also going out in search of dining room chairs. We decided that we are going to find the chairs first, and then we are going to fix and paint our dining room table legs and stain the top. I'd really like a black and mahogany theme, but that will only happen if we can find four black chairs that we really like. So we'll see. We need to start working on that pronto though...I'm getting tired of not having a table to sit at in our dining room.

Another mission for today is window treatments...we still have two sets of blinds to put up, two paper shades, and four sets of drapes and drapery hardwares.

Otherwise, everything is going fine here. I told a few people at the office on Friday about my decision to go into management, and the reaction was overwhelming positive. Everyone was shocked, first of all, that they finally talked me into it, but very pleased and happy that I was going to be doing it, and thought that it was a great decision. My boss, K, is going to talk to our office manager on Tuesday and see if there is any possibility that they can just have me come back from maternity leave in January as an acting supervisor while I am going through the training, but we'll see how it goes. It sure would beat the field, that's for sure. Now that I am resigned to the fact that I'm leaving the field, I'm kind of looking forward to it!

So that's all from here. The baby is doing fine and getting bigger every day. I can't believe we're down to about two months to go!

I hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day weekend!


Blogger Sharon said...

Hope you are enjoying your three day weekend. And I hope your furniture shopping is fruitful!

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