Sunday, January 14, 2007

Status of Destination Destin

Have you ever tried to coordinate FIVE FAMILIES to go in together on a house?

It's no small feat, let me tell you.

Over the past week, I have researched a dozen websites and scoured the internet in the search of the PERFECT beach house.

This is what I've encountered over the past week:

-five familes who all want their own seperate rooms and seperate bathrooms and who all have very strong personalities
-my father-in-law who we want to go but not pay
-ten children, two of which are under the age of two
-one of my brothers in law who is the head of a single-income family but has very stringent requirements for what he wants in a vacation and a borderline unreasonable budget
-one of my sisters in law who has a timeshare in Destin and has contemplated buying into the house or just doing her own thing
-my other brother in law who just split up with his fiancee of eleven years and can't see committing past next week, let alone seven months into the future
-an unpublished 2007 school calendar

To say it's been a challenge has been an understatement. However, I'm proud to say that one of my sisters in law and I today worked on my list of fifty houses and narrowed it down to SEVEN...and so far, three of the five families are in agreement on a house.

My dream of a luxurious beach vacation is about to come to fruition...stay tuned.


Blogger TM Cottontail said...

I feel your pain.

In 1997 we went on a "family vacation" at Christmas with my mom, my teenage sister, my mom's SIL, her two teenage kids and my mom's MIL.

The SIL had an opinion about everything. Lucky for us we ended up in two condo's and they were fairly far apart. Ours was ocean-view and the in-law's was pool-view. That worked out lovely!

I would never try to plan a vacation that ambitious. I wish you the best of luck!

Can't wait to see the pictures. I wish we were going on a big vacation this year!

9:17 AM  
Blogger babarcat said...

Good luck with your planning. In my dream vacation there are no in-laws. Or kids either for that matter!

11:18 AM  
Anonymous dleighb said...

Just one trip to San Francisco with my parents and my brother was enough to drive me batty. When the extended family vacations together, one family usually says, "Here is what we are doing. Here is the number to make your reservations if you want to join us." Of course, they are usually taking a cruise or going to Las Vegas or Disney World, but I think the beach would be similar.

If three out of five families agree on the house, that's the house. Majority rules. When planning for that many people, the majority rules voting is a good system.

1:11 PM  
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