Tuesday, August 10, 2004

And the race is on!

It's now the end of Day 2 on my quest to be ready for my vacation, and I'm in fairly good shape, I suppose. I have been working like crazy to get ahead, and while I still have a lot of work to do, I'm getting there, slowly but surely. The next three days are going to be long and filled with lots of laptop time!

I did something really dumb last night...I strained my neck working out. Ugh. I have never been in so much pain as I was last night. I started to stitch, but only was able to sit on the couch for about fifteen minutes. I finally gave in and went in my bedroom and laid down with my neck cushioned by pillows. Sleeping was an interesting adventure...I wasn't able to fall asleep until about 2 am and then every hour when I went to turn over, I was hit with pain. Today is marginally better...I took it easy today, took lots of Advil, drank lots of hot tea, and took the night off from the gym. I'm sure it's nothing serious...I can feel that it's a muscle strain because the muscles in my neck and upper back are very tight and tender. Tonight I'm sitting here, laptop on my lap, head cushioned on pillows, just keeping still and willing my neck and back muscles to relax and feel better so I can go to the gym tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Philip and I planned our vacation yesterday and finalized all the arrangements. We're going to a campground in east Texas for a few days that is very dog-friendly...there's a lake, the cabin we're going to stay at has a fenced-in yard for the dogs to run around in, no pet deposit, and best of all, apparently we are going to be the only people there next week so we'll have the whole campground to ourselves! Katie and Simon can run around free, swim as much as they like in the lake, and we don't have to keep them on leashes. It's just going to be great. I can't wait. Plus, the cabin is fully-furnished with all linens and dishes, so all we have to bring is us, clothes, the dogs and food.

I found a new meme today to join, and oh, it's SO perfect for me! It's called
Chick Chat. Look at the cool new blinkie I now have down there...isn't that freaking adorable?! I really want to keep participating in the TV Tuesday meme, but this is the second week in a row that they have not posted a new question, so I'm going to follow this one too. I think the questions are really cute! This week's meme deals with old school love...awww.

1. Who Was Your Big High School Crush?

I'm not going to state full names for privacy reasons in my blog ever. Just first initials from now on. I started doing fake names, but I can't remember what name I gave to who! But the biggest high school crush that I had that did not turn into a romance was this boy in my class, B. He played baseball for my high school, was just as cute as could be, and was DUMB as a rock! My friends and I used to joke all the time that it was a shame he was such an airhead, but he was. It was like he had no clue about how to function in every day life. But he sure was a cutie. Nothing ever came of it though. I had a friend in one of my math classes that passed along the word to B that I was interested, but either B didn't clue in to it or wasn't interested either. Probably a combination of both.

2. Your First True Love?

My high school sweetheart, T. Truly the first person that I really wanted to marry and could visualize having children with.

3. First Kiss?

My freshman year, my friend S and I went on a double date and saw the movie Shocker. My date was M, hers was J. And during that movie is when I received my first kiss from M. I was so stunned and surprised, I couldn't kiss him back...which is probably why I didn't get a second date! *grin* Ah, the priorities of fourteen-year-olds.

4. Your First (ahem!) Time?

I'm not going to get into the gory details...my dad reads this blog, for heaven's sake...but my first time was with T, age 17 (he was 17 too), and was outside under the summer sky and night stars, and we really cared about each other. That's all I will divulge!

5. The One That Got Away?

T. Even though I know that we were not the right ones for each other and that we were going different ways, there was quite a chemistry between us and we were really in love. We tried so many times to make our relationship work, but sometimes it really does take more than just love.

Okay, that's all for now...I better get busy working on the next contents claim! I hope everyone's having a great week!


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