Monday, August 09, 2004

Great googly moogly, it's EARLY!

I can't believe it's before seven am and not only am I up, but typing. This is really really early for me. Usually I'm not rolling out of bed for another hour at the least! But I'm playing supervisor again today (part of the deal my boss and I worked out so I could have all week off this week to clean up before my nine-day vacation starts) and I have to be at the office for an upgrade to our claims system. Blah.

I saw that "great googly moogly" expression on one of my bulletin boards this morning, and it made me laugh. I used to sit next to an adjuster years ago that used to say that expression all the time in lieu of swearing around his six-year-old son. Cracked me up every time.

So, as I have to run off to the shower, this will be's my stitching blogger answer for a early Monday morning!

What would your stitching confession be?

Occasionally, if I am in a rush and I realize that I made an error with ONE solitary stitch in a field of confetti, I will stitch right over the mistake rather than frogging it. I don't do it often, but occasionally I do just stitch right over it. And I never do it with black...only with lighter colors of floss that can be easily covered.

I also lick my floss when threading my needle. I know, SHOCK! I'm one of the hundreds that do it and yes, there will be DNA evidence on my stitching that I actually stitched it long after I'm dead.

And I strip my Kreinik...I tear out that core white or black thread (unless I'm working with one of the confetti Kreiniks) before I blend it in with my DMC.

That's three!

Last night was a great stitching night. I worked on
Ocean Fantasy for about three hours and it's coming along so nicely. Sometimes it feels like I just started that piece, and then other times, it feels like it was an eternity that I was sketching the instructions for the dyer to custom-paint that fabric. I also watched The Perfect Score, which is The Breakfast Club crossed with Ocean's Eleven. My thoughts? It was just okay...not great, just okay. Mildly entertaining. It sure did bring back panicked thoughts about taking the SAT, that's for sure.

Okay, off to the shower...more later! I've got a busy day ahead!


Blogger Michael said...

I associate the phrase "Great Googly Moogly" with that Snickers commercial from a couple of years ago with the guy painting the word Chefs in the end zone instead of Chiefs. That commerical always cracks me up.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I'm a floss licker too, and the stitching blogger question is bringing it out in a lot of us! lol Be proud! Come out!

12:33 PM  

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