Thursday, August 12, 2004

The famous company line: "Just do the best you can..."

I hate cleaning up other people's messes! And that's exactly what I'm having to do today and tomorrow. Yesterday evening, I finished up my last file. Note I said MY last file. I have a few other loose ends to tie up, but the main reason why I busted out and finished a few days early was so I could spend today and tomorrow working on this reassignment from the other adjuster in my unit, E, that is leaving. UGH! It is SUCH a mess! I have no problem cleaning up my own messes, but I have a severe problem cleaning up other people's messes! I just can't believe how much time I am having to spend on this file and how it is a direct result of someone else not doing their job. If only this guy had just taken the time to document the house a little better. At least Queenie is supporting me, but it still doesn't change the fact that I'd be done now and probably relaxing if it weren't for this stupid file. I admit when I make mistakes, and had this been my file, I would have no problem working on it. But this wasn't my file, and this is NOT my responsibility, but yet, part of having a job is doing things that we sometimes don't want to do. And I don't want to do this. This woman has submitted a 35 page contents list, I've only gone through 17 pages of it, and I'll be working on it all day today. I stayed up last night until 1:30 am working on it. I'd like to know why I stayed up late and why E didn't have to stay up late working on it. And I have such a problem putting my name on this file with as poorly as it was handled. But I have no choice. And Queenie's response? "Just do the best you can!" I HATE that phrase! Why didn't E do the best he could?

Anyway, so that's the reason for the mad feeling. I'm leaving that up there until I'm done with this file!

I am very tired still, and my throat is still hurting...more of that getting sick before vacation thing. I think it's a combination of the weird weather and the pressure that I'm under right now to get all this stuff done. My neck is feeling better, but to play it safe, I'm staying away from the weights and doing cardio only until it's not sore anymore, which probably won't be until next week.

I need some's the Thursday Tattle! And what better subject than purses! (I'm still dreaming of my new hearts Dooney!)

Do you carry a purse? Uh, YES. This is my purse!

Is your purse strap long or short? Short.
Is your purse big or small? I think it's big.
Is it neat and organized or full of stuff that shouldn't even be in there? It's fairly neat and organized most of the time. I think the only things that are in there right now that shouldn't be are receipts.
Have you ever forgot your purse at a store or any place at all? I think I forgot my purse at a restaurant once, but it must not have been that traumatic because I don't remember it. I haven't forgotten it anywhere in recent years.
When shopping for purses do you have a hard time finding exactly what you want? Yes. Even though I had researched the Dooney and gone through the website for hours looking at all the various styles and colors, it still took me a while when I actually arrived at the store to make a final decision.
How much is the most you have ever spent on a purse? My Dooney was $155. Definitely the most I've ever spent on a purse.
Is your husband allowed to go into your purse? Yes. I have nothing to hide.
Does your husband ever ask you to put things in your purse so as he doesn't have to carry anything like his cell phone or sunglasses? He occasionally asks me to hold his cell phone.
If he does ask you to do that does it drive you nuts? Not really. It's very infrequent and I have plenty of room in my bag.
Are you happy with your current purse or are you in need of a new one? I LOVE my Dooney, but I really want that hearts one too. I don't know if I'd say I'm in need of one though...considering my job and how much on the go I am, I think my present Dooney is in great shape!

Anyway, that's all from me for right now. I'm going to hunker down now with this file and see if I can't get it done by the end of the day today. My only bright spot in today is that I have a lunch date with my friend S for tomorrow to have sushi. That, I am looking foward to.


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