Sunday, December 05, 2004

Still alive...

...and still kicking. Barely.

I'm still insanely busy with fact, I stopped at CompUSA last night and bought a 50' DSL cord so I don't have to sit in my office all day and night when I'm in a busy time like I am now. I'm sitting comfortably on my bed right now with one of my cats snuggled up with me watching Romancing the Stone while I work. Much nicer. I don't relish the fact that I plan to work all day today...and I don't like it...but I don't see any way around it. The work must be done, and if I don't start getting it done, this month is going to be misery. No Christmas cards. No baking. Little to no shopping. I've got to pick it up and start getting organized!

I did a little shopping for some other things Christmas stuff yet, although that's coming. I found a neat baby consignment store in Plano yesterday called Once Upon a Child. Very cool. I bought a Winnie the Pooh onesie for $3.50 and a camouflage onesie for $1.50. The camouflage onesie is kind of a joke...P keeps saying that even if we have a girl, he's still taking her hunting. I also stopped at my local needlework store that is closing and bought about five leaflets for half price and a quarter yard of teal Jobelan. Then I drove up to visit my friend C in Corinth. After I came home, I had very good intentions of working, but it was lights out at about 11:30.

Just one meme today...I don't have energy for more. My Sunday Brunch!

1) Which stone is your birthstone? Do you like it? Emerald and yes. I have a pair of emerald earrings and an emerald ring.
2) Do you prefer silver or gold? I like both, but if I had to choose, I prefer silver or white gold.
3) Name the jewelry that you wear whenever you leave the house. My wedding band, engagement ring, a ring for my right hand (I have four to choose from, either emerald, sapphire, pink mussel and lapis), watch, and a pair of earrings.
4) What is your most precious and valuable item of jewelry? My solitaire engagement ring.
5) Do you carry insurance on any of your jewelry and if not, why not? I have seperate insurance on my engagement ring, but everything else that I own is under $500, and that's the requirement to schedule any article of jewelry on my must be valued over $500.

Off to work...thanks for reading along as always.


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