Friday, February 11, 2005

29 days later...

...and Aunt Flo has arrived yet again. Yay!

I wish that I could post my chart in my blog so I can share the perfection of just how great my chart looks, but I can't figure it out. But it's amazing. It's like something out of a textbook! My temps all stayed low until my egg came, and then stayed up for the entire rest of my cycle. My ovulation day was on Day 16, and my luteal phase was thirteen days (average for most women is 12-16 days). I even experienced a preovulatory dip in my temperature RIGHT before I ovulated, which is super cool...kind of like a warning light that your egg is on the way! Many women don't have that.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with such a sense of hope. I finally get to backtrack to the timeframe right before I got pregnant and start trying again. I'm so excited. I even feel motivated to paint this weekend, so maybe we'll work on our cabinetry.

On a work-related note, things are looking up there. I had yet another discussion with my boss yesterday about things, and I feel better about it...much better. It IS going to work out for the best. My performance is not suffering at all...except in my head. And now I have more time to read, stitch, relax with P, and work out, and I won't be such a crazy workaholic all the time. It's going to be fine. In fact, today I have 8.5 hours left of the week to work, nowhere whatsoever to go today, and I plan on just sitting at home relaxing and working quietly.

It's going to be a great day!


Blogger Suz said...

I'm glad things are working out well for you! :)

9:48 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Sounds like things are back on track! I'm sure it won't be long until you are pregnant again! Yay!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you. I would say to keep us updated, but somehow I don't think that will be a problem. :)

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling better about work. That has to be a relief. :-)
And I'm glad to hear that your body is 100% back to normal. That is all great news. Yippee!!

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear that things are back to normal, and that you can start trying again. I'll be looking out for your news.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaarggh - forgot to side in, and can't edit. Sorry. That last one was me - LittleRach. :)

9:38 AM  

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