Friday, May 26, 2006


As you all know, I've been slowly introducing McKenna to solid foods starting oh, about a month ago. So far she's eating the following:

sweet potatoes
brown rice

About a week ago, I bought her some new pacifiers. I bought a few silicone ones and a few latex ones. Peaches were introduced on Monday...she's eaten the equivalent of a ice cube size portion every day except today. Today was mango day. I've been spacing them out by four days so if something weird like this happened, I would be able to nail it down.

Yesterday I went to pick her up from school and she has a nice little rash right around her mouth...where the pacifier sits. She's not really a serious binky kid, so my first thought was that she had developed an allergy to peaches. One of my friends (thank you, E) pointed out that peaches usually aren't something that babies develop an allergy to which is why they are a great first food for babies. She suggested that maybe McKenna is allergic to latex?

I haven't been keeping track of when she's had the latex pacis and the silicone pacis, and I didn't notice any kind of rash Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after she ate the peaches. It was just Thursday. Yesterday she had a latex paci and today a silicone one. And I sterilize her pacis every night.

The only other thing I can possibly think of is that I just changed shampoos and we're still nursing, so she could possibly be rubbing her face against my skin that has some residue of this shampoo on it.

Honestly I have no clue. I'm allergic only to sulfa husband is allergic to nothing.
Today it changed to just a slight rash (kind of hive-like) under her chin and just a little bit on her cheeks...kind of almost feels like baby acne.

Thoughts? Let me hear them!


Blogger Rachel said...

A few things - babies love to develop rashes for no reason. Not to meantion the fact that at her age an allergic reaction that mild may be completely untraceable and non-repeatable. My older broke out into 2 huge cases of hives at about a year old (and scared me to death.) We eliminated everything she had eaten that day. reintroduced each ingredient one at a time over a period of weeks and she never did it again. Obvioulsy she reacted badly to *something* she just never did it again.

As to what I think? Honestly I would lean towards just dematitis of some sort. She's probably just chapped up because the area near her mouth is getting much dirtier now then it used to get and is being cleaned more. Unless she *really* swells up, etc. I wouldn't worry about it. Leep it clean. don't wash it too often (thus not annoying the skin) and see if a touch of vasoline works if you think she needs it.

1:12 AM  
Blogger WhizGidget said...

It could be something, it might not be.

My first inclination is to keep her diet stable and keep monitoring those latex binkies... latex allergies are more common than you think...

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It could be a factor of things. If she's teething, as you've said she has been, and she's sucking on a pacifier, then she may be building excess drool between her chin and the pacifier. That would irritate the skin after awhile especially in your hot Texas heat. See if you can keep the area dry, and see if you can keep her on one type of pacifier instead of alternating between the latex and the silicone ones. And even if the rash is spreading it may be because of the excess saliva, so may not necessarily be right where the pacifier sits.

8:17 PM  
Blogger Zoe said...

Do you think it could be drool? Zoe is drooling like a maniac, and she doesnt' even have any teeth coming in. I'm wondering if maybe hotter weather coupled with drool might be causing the rash.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, just so you know, mangos apparently have some sort of allergen in the skin that can cause a rash around the mouth/face. I have this allergy, and whenever I eat mangos, even if i peel it and eat it without letting it touch the skin around my mouth, i get very itchy around the mouth, chin, cheeks, even up to my eyes. This is very likely the cause of the allergy.

8:01 PM  

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