Sunday, May 14, 2006

Now I like avocado too!

Who knew that avocado mixed with lime juice and a little salt is really good on Doritos?

Fortunately, P came into Kroger tonight and helped me "avocado shop" for McKenna tonight and we picked out some really good ones that were just ripe enough and not rotted, which is a good thing, and after he stole some to make his version of guacamole minus the pico de gallo (which is just plain NASTY), we now have seventeen avocado meals in the freezer. Ahhh...I love making my own baby food! I have a pear ripening now, I bought two more yams to make some more yam meals, and I'm eyeing plain yogurt for maybe next week...not sure on that one yet.

Anyway, P talked me into trying it, and now...I like avocado too!

Oh, guess what...McKenna is cutting two teeth. She's got two little toofers poking through on the bottom.

And this even funnier! I changed her sheets the other night and as I usually do, I changed all her toys and stuffed animals in her crib. I usually put some stuff in there to give her something to look at if she wakes up before I do. This morning when she woke up, I could hear her making some strange sounds on the baby monitor...sounded like tapping. I went to investigate.

Keep in mind that last night, she was sound asleep on her stomach at one end of the crib...her toys are at the other end.

I found her this morning at the OTHER end of the crib (at least two feet down) on her back happily playing with her toys. And not just any toy. I had a stuffed teddy bear, a stuffed Elmo and a stuffed Barney for her to pick from along with a variety of baby genius toys from Baby Einstein.

She went for Barney. God help us.


Blogger Sharon said...

Mwahahahaha! I love you, you love me, we're a happy familee...

4:03 PM  

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