Saturday, May 13, 2006

The petite gourmet

I think it should be a rule that mothers have to eat what their kids eat and vice versa.

However, my child is eating avocado as of about an hour ago. AVOCADO! And she actually ATE IT!

I am not an avocado eater at all. I don't like guacamole and I don't care for the slippery bland mouthfeel of plain old avocado. Not to mention that something that could turn gray after you slice it to me is just gross.

But all my little baby food books said that avocado was a great first food for babies and since my niece S eats it, well, I had to give it a try. Plus I've read in more than one place that some people swear you could live on avocados. They are that healthy. Not sure about that, but that's interesting to think that one would actually want to eat nothing but avocados.

Not being an avocado eater myself, I was quite mystified by this thing. Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? What is a perfect avocado for buying? The first one I bought the other night apparently was too ripe and by the time I sliced it for her, it was rotted inside.

Avocado #2 was less ripe, but still pretty ripe, and thus we weren't able to get more than two tablespoons of actual avocado puree out of it. One meal plus one in the freezer.

I can't wait to see what her teachers say on Monday when they see this green thing in her dish that I bring to school...I guarantee that the other kids in McKenna's class aren't eating avocado. The teachers are always grumbling that they can't get the other kids McKenna's age to eat anything, applesauce, rice cereal, whatever.

But MY daughter is a eating champ. I have to admit I had my doubts last week when I was trying to get her to eat bananas and she was throwing a fit and spitting it out. But this week she's eaten what I've sent to school EVERY day, her teachers have pronounced her a "good eater", and yesterday she ate three tablespoons of food...yams in the morning, brown rice and bananas in the evening. Today so far she's had brown rice and avocado.

And she's still nursing like it's nobody's business...which means my milk is BACK! I'm a dairy maid once again!

I'm so proud of my little girl!!!!! Next up, pears!


Blogger WhizGidget said...

Avocado is very good for keeping one's cholesterol down.

And congratulations on getting the little precious one to eat some of the neat green stuff! Way to go!

2:44 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

My Daughter loved avocado too and still does. I did catering before I changed careers to become a flight attendant and an avocado in most Countries (apart from US & UK, go figure) call it by its full name which is Avocado Pear. In the industry we always said it was a fruit. If the fruit is too soft when you give it a little sqeeze with your thumb, it will leave a dent. You need one that will just move when you squeeze, but the dent pops back out.

Sounds like you're not going to have any problems with meals for McKenna.

3:59 PM  

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