Monday, May 29, 2006

Our trip to the aquarium

Today, for our day off (us from work and McKenna from school) we went on a family outing to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was kind of like an indoor zoo...the aquariums, of course, an aviary exhibit, outdoor penguins, bugs, snakes, reptiles, a jaguar exhibit, sharks, and a really neat rain forest exhibit that was so cool, and would have been even cooler had we not been tripping over a million people walking through it. We promised each other next time we go, we're going during the week so we can have a little more quiet. I figure next year when McKenna's walking should be a GREAT time to do it!

Aside from McKenna's hungry meltdown in front of the monkey exhibit, them having absolutely NO place where I could nurse in close proximity (it was either formula or I would have to sit on a commode to nurse her), and us not fully charging the camera before we left the house, it was fabulouso and we had a great time. We got plenty of pictures before the camera finally died and then took some with our cell phones, so as soon as I get some of them transferred, I'll post a new one of the baby.

We really had a great weekend as a family. We spent lots of time just hanging out together with, church, family dinners, and then today. It was just a great weekend and I just can't believe how much she's changing. She's now eating THREE meals of food every day in addition to nursing...I've been giving her two cubes (one cube = approximately 2 tbsp) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and she's been eating it all up. And she can almost sit up all the way by herself now...SO close.

I don't really have much else to report. I'm just running around now doing laundry and cooking for the week. I can't believe we have to go back to work tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!


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